According to State Governor, Businesses and Homes should have a HEPA Air Purifier

On June 29th, 2020, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has issued this statement:

NY malls can't open without air conditioning systems that filter the coronavirus.

He also recommended households and businesses to utilize HEPA air purifiers during the pandemic.High efficiency particle air filters, or HEPA filters, have been shown to help reduce the presence of Covid-19 in the air, according to a presentation from Cuomo. 

There are many HEPA filers on the market today, but only a few with True HEPA filtration like the one that Governor Cuomo is recommending.

PURE AIR TODAY is the ONLY True HEPA air purifier on the market that has a built in evaporative cooling system and humidifier. This summer, if you want an air purification system to filter out the coronavirus and be able to provide cool, crisp, air:

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